There is no such thing as dry land. Wetness is everywhere to some degree. It is in the seas, clouds, rains, dew, air, soils, minerals, plants, animals. The sea is very wet; the desert less so. So, when we experience ‘water’ on the other side of a line that allegedly separates it from ‘land’, we know it to be by design, design that articulates a surface for habitation. This surface has served as a ground for experience, understanding and knowledge. Today, however, with rising seas, warming temperatures, and the increasing frequency of floods, this surface along with the edifice of civilization and certainty built upon it is threatened, calling into question the act of separation that brought it into being.

Ocean of Wetness, is a transdisciplinary platform, a critical design practice, and a pedagogical initiative that asks if we have been so consumed by the vocabulary of land and water that (a) we miss or fail to understand peoples who devise other ways to inhabit ubiquitous wetness; (b) we deny the possibilities of a new imagination capable of solving today’s problems without perpetuating the ground that created them.

Ocean of Wetness seeks partners, collaborators, supporters, and advisers motivated by its premise and willing to join forces to advance its agenda for change.