Ocean of Rain makes the case that the names Ganges and Ganga, even though often used interchangeably, refer to different realities, each articulated in a distinct moment of the hydrologic cycle. Ganges is a river and Ganga is rain. They are the basis of two places: India, a geographic surface drained by rivers; Sindhu, an ocean of rain. Each is the basis of a distinct language of design. The more one is pursued, the more it diverges from the other.

This is an exhibition in production. It began in 2013 with field trips to the Himalayas, Sundarbans, and Varanasi on the Ganges, and other journeys into the more extended world of Ganga. The latter has taken us to the Western Ghats in the monsoons, the far reaches of the Rajastan desert, and in the coming year will take us to the Tibetan Plateau. In the studio, we are involved in constructing Ganga on the ground of rain, the multiplicity of the raindrop, and the non-linear world of wetness.